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What comes to mind when you hear the word "impossible"?

One definition of impossible means, "not able to exist, occur, or be done." Most people hear the word impossible, and immediately, they feel intimidated and give up.

The word "impossible" is just a barrier. At Tri and Conquer, we aim to knock down barriers. We are driven to help YOU overcome those impossible goals. In order to be successful, there are three core values that we value and consider the foundation of our work. First is resilience, which is the ability to recover from difficulties. "Fall down 7 times, get up 8." Second is patience because great things don't happen instantly. Lastly, we believe in teamwork, meaning no one can do the "impossible" all on their own. 

Join our team, and understand what its like to go through life without being intimidated by the word "impossible." You'll be amazed of the things that you can accomplish with us!

Tri and Conquer was officially established in March of 2024, by Casey Bleistine. However, the idea of Tri and Conquer had been engraved in her mind and heart since 2017. 

Tri and Conquer was created to share the wonderful feeling of accomplishing, what most view as tough or "impossible."

Our Mission

Our main focus is to encourage individuals to try and conquer their toughest goals by utilizing three simple skills: Resilience, patience, and teamwork. We are a team that aims to make the impossible, possible. 


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